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Infant & Toddler Module 1

Lesson 2: Infant & Toddler Module 1
Credit - Yes

How do you form close and secure relationships with the children you care for and their families? Do you provide experience’s for children to express their emotions in appropriate ways? Come explore your environment and learn more about ways to support young children's healthy social and emotional growth and development.


The following resources helps to expand your knowledge and understanding of how to support children’s social and emotional development.

The Pyramid Model focuses on the social emotional development and school readiness of young children. To learn more about the Pyramid Model, visit:

Featured Resource

Penn State Extension: Better Kid Care

Emotional Wellness: Understanding Its Importance

UNL Publications

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension publications offer peer-reviewed, research based information in a range of topics including early childhood education. Written by specialists, faculty and educators at UNL, check out the following early childhood educational publications:

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